Women start 16-day Harare protest

CIVIL society organisations last week launched a protest campaign occupying Africa Unity Square in Harare for 16 days and nights starting demanding that government addresses corruption and the “worsening” economic crisis.

Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance founder Linda Masarira in Harare Unity Square last Tuesday

Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance founder Linda Masarira in Harare Unity Square last Tuesday

The protest was launched last Tuesday with groups such as Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance (ZWIPA) in solidarity with Zimbabwe Activist Alliance (ZAA) and Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS) leading the campaign.

Lynette Tendai Mudehwe of ZAA and Linda Masarira, ZWIPA Founder and National Coordinator, supported by five other activists started the occupation last Tuesday night and vowed to stay in the square for 16 days and nights until their demands are met.

Among a host of grievances, the activists are protesting the planned introduction of bond notes, corruption and demanded of high profile individuals accused of externalising funds at a time the country is struggling cash shortages.

Masarira challenged Zimbabweans to demand their constitutional rights.

“The nation is suffering from high unemployment and government is doing nothing to alleviate the plight of the very few workers still employed who no longer have a pay day; for example, NRZ employees a wholly owned state enterprise,” she said.

“The negligence and arrogance of our government has gone unchecked for a long time now; our quietness as a nation shall no longer go on and, if we are to see a new dawn in our country, we need to be bold and speak out now.

“The economic crisis in our country is affecting children. Where do they (government) expect parents to get money for school fees in this harsh economic climate?”

The activists also condemned “bad governance, poor service delivery, human rights abuses, police brutality and the unfair distribution of national resources”.

President Robert Mugabe’s government is under fire from critics for “failing to deliver as Zimbabwe burns”.

The opposition says government has ignored an economic crisis characterised by over 80 percent unemployment and cash shortages with the ruling Zanu PF party engaged bitter squabbling over the 92-year-old leader’s succession.


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