MDC Youth Assembly Press Statement

The MDC Youth Assembly National Executive today held a special Executive meeting which also brought in Chairpersons and secretaries of Provinces from all over the country to deliberate on the developments within the party and the nation.

nelson chamisaThe executive noted the continued deterioration in the country as epitomized by the continued economic decline whose major highlights remain the government’s failure to pay civil servants, the liquidity crunch that we are experiencing as well as the general lack of direction from the government and the Ministry of Finance in particular.

We note the failure of Zanu PF to create the 2.2 million jobs that it promised to the people of Zimbabwe. A government is measured by what it delivers on the ground, and we shall continue to ask the government to deliver on its promises .A government should serve Zimbabweans and not Zanu PF supporters.  We hope the government will DELIVER because we stand here at a time where the much-vaunted ZimAsset has completely failed.

The Executive is further alarmed by the levels of corruption in this country, corruption which is being driven mostly by people in government. This corruption, fueled by policy discord, has been worsened the crisis.

The effects of stealing elections are now taking a toll on Zanu PF. They surely rigged 2013 elections but they cannot rig the economy, neither can they rig our minds not to see their failure which is pasted all over the place.We reiterate our call for Robert Mugabe to leave office as he has become tired, clueless and old and can only sleep in meetings instead of steering the ship forward. We are more than convinced that no-matter what, a 92 year old can never be a face of a nation, he cannot bring anything new and his place can only be in an old people’s home. There is no investment that will come to this country as long as Mugabe remains in charge and for the benefit of many of us who still want to work, we want and demand that Mugabe goes.

We dismiss with the contempt it deserves the cheap politicking by Zanu PF Youth League and one Saviour Kasukuwere to abuse state land around towns by dishing it out to Zanu PF youth. We note that the abuse of state resources has continued especially under the ambitious Kasukuwere who plundered money in the Youth ministry and is now taking his insatiable appetite to the land grab. This land belongs to all of us. We surely will one day make these people account. Forewarned is forearmed, we hope you will not fault us when we will make them to account in the immediate future.

The Executive noted that that it remains our generational mandate and responsibility to push for the realization of democracy in our lifetime. We take pride in the fact that genuine war veterans took to the bush to fight a colonial and insensitive Smith regime in their youth. Conscious of the role those genuine war veterans, we are conscious of our responsibility as young people and we will not fail the people of Zimbabwe. In this regard  and to complement all other campaigns taking place , executive resolved to launch our “#MYZIMBABWE Campaign “, a campaign that speaks to our love and patriotism to this country. We have been left with no choice but to start a campaign whose mission is to liberate Our Zimbabwe from a clueless and greedy clique that only thinks about itself and nothing else. We urge all citizens to embrace the month of heroes, the month of August as a month of action to liberate ourselves from Robert Mugabe. This country will remain ungovernable as long as Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF does not heed the call.

We have noted with concern the continued abuse of the police force and the judiciary by a desperate regime. We urge all patriotic members of the security forces and the judiciary to listen to their conscience and desist from being abused.  We urge these members to think for a second about their children who are failing to go to schools, about their brothers who are failing to make ends meet and their mothers in the rural areas who are failing to get a decent meal before they are unleashed on innocent Zimbabweans .The security forces have not been spared by the economic challenges we face, we go to the same bank queues, to the same dilapidated clinics, to the same kombis yet a few are eating and enjoying on our behalf. Enough is enough, come join the masses .This revolution will require the assistance of everyone to succeed and as you get deployed this August to fight the people, we urge you to put down your arms and join the ordinary people as we push for the final onslaught of the regime.

The Executive reiterated its commitment to prosecute the people’s struggle for freedom, democracy and food on our tables to its bitter end, and in this regard confirms that we are with the rest of Zimbabweans and congratulates the people of Zimbabwe on their resolve to take Mugabe head on as witnessed by the shutdown that took place .We stand in solidarity with Pastor Evan Mawarire and the “this flag” campaign. It is our belief that the struggle to remove an entrenched dictatorship as Robert Mugabe requires all forces to fight from different angles.

In the same vein, the Youth Assembly took the opportunity to reiterate its commitment in working with all youth from different political parties and civil society under the banner of #Sesijikile/Tajamuka campaign. The Assembly is happy with the way the campaign has taken shape and is committed to soldier on. The august 31 deadline given to Robert Mugabe continues to motivate us to do more to liberate this country.

The Executive also took note of the developments happening within the war veterans body and we wish to applaud our war veterans for finally realizing that Robert Mugabe is only interested in perpetuating his power and nothing else. We applaud genuine war veterans for standing up to the failures of Mugabe in his attempt to create Mugabe dynasty in this Country. We have always appreciated the role that genuine war veterans played in liberating this country and that rich history can never be wished away. We call for the respect of war veterans who together with the masses of Zimbabwe toiled for the liberation of this beautiful country. The MDC government will surely have a role for all genuine war veterans whose love for this great country remains undisputed.

The executive expressed satisfaction with the unity and cohesion in the party. The party remains the most stable political movement in the country and we are proud to be associated with the party that continues to grow from strength to strength.

Lastly the Executive lauded the decision by his Excellency the President Morgan Tsvangirai in appointing two more deputies to help run the party. We are elated that the President has shown great wisdom by appointing former Youth Assembly chairperson, Hon Advocate Nelson Chamisa and Hon Elias Mudzuri to the positions of Vice Presidents. We are aware as an assembly that the appointments were as a result of  the Congressional powers of the President given to him by the 4th Congress as well as the  directive of the National Council which is the highest decision making body between congresses.

As the Youth Assembly we are more than happy with the appointment of Leader Nelson Chamisa who remains a proud product of the youth Assembly. We are happy that the Youth assembly remains a conveyor belt to producing leadership and we are proud that President Tsvangirai recognizes the role and capacities of the Youth members of the party. We are more than convinced that Hon Chamisa represents the youth.

We are more than convinced that the maturity and experience in Hon Mudzuri will steady the ship and take this country forward. His vast knowledge on matters of the state and business as well as his experience in handling internal cohesion and unity will go a long way in ensuring that President Morgan Tsvangirai takes over the leadership of this country in 2018.

However we note that there are two men who have decided to sue the party and while it remains their democratic right to do so , we are more than convinced that there is a third hand behind them. It is clear that once a person takes to court internal party issues, they would have expelled themselves from the party no-matter which organ they belong to. What is worrying is their capacity to sue the President and the party; these two men, one of them a petty thief and celebrated beggar cannot afford to pay costs associated with this lawsuit, let alone comprehend a legal argument.

We therefore urge comrades within the party who have decided not to be clear and who have decided to hide under the banner of “No comment “ to immediately come out clean to whether they subscribe to the majority views or not.In the wake of shenanigans by little known men within the party who have decided to sue the party, it is in the best interests of everyone to know exactly what our leaders think, so that we avoid the risk of them being wrongly accused of siding or sponsoring the said litigation against President and the party.

In the same manner we are calling upon leaders in the party who have been previously linked to the litigants to come out clean with regards to the latest developments.
It is now or never, In President Tsvangirai we believe

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