‘Mugabe Fck-You’ Lumumba arrested

FORMER Zanu PF activist Acie Lumumba reported to Harare Central police station on Monday and was promptly arrested after using the F-word to insult President Robert Mugabe.

Acie Lumumba launching his political party in Harare last week

Acie Lumumba launching his political party in Harare last week

Now interim leader of the newly formed Viva Zimbabwe opposition party, Lumumba turned up at Harare Central police station on Monday afternoon and is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

He had reportedly been in hiding after insulting Mugabe while launching his political party in the capital last week.

The activist will face charges of undermining the authority of the President.

On Monday, he was accompanied by the party’s spokesperson and legal secretary, Agency Gumbo, who told reporters that they would fight the controversial Mugabe insult laws right up to the Constitutional Court.

“We understand that there was a whole week manhunt for Mr Lumumba and we thought that it was the sincerest thing to bring him so that the law can take its course.

“We know it’s a piece of legislation that has not really gotten any conviction being advised by precedent,” said Gumbo.

Addressing supporters at a Harare hotel where he launched his Viva Zimbabwe party, Lumumba reportedly said: “You have never really seen Zimbabweans angry so here is the red line, Mr President Robert Gabriel Mugabe f-ck you, I have drawn the line.”


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