BIZARRE: Mugabe relocates to Zvimba

At time when LIVE crocodiles unleashed from Darwendale, family complains

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

Own Correspondent| As bizarre as it sounds, the former President Robert Mugabe is retiring to his rural Zvimba homestead at a time when LIVE crocodiles have been unleashed from upper mainland Darwendale and to date three (3) Mugabe village mates have been killed.

Mugabe’s nephew Leo Mugabe revealed to the Mail And Guardian that his uncle is taking his resignation well and is looking forward to his new life as a farmer in Zvimba.

The development comes as a Mugabe village-man, Mr. Gabriel Maruza was killed by while in the river that passes through the Mugabe family.

To date a total 3 villagers have been taken alive.

Mr Maruza’s mutilated body was found mid lasr month after disappearing for 2 days and the croc was finally killed by the Department of National Parks.

The deceased’s nephew, Mr Collin Kaseke revealed to ZimEye there are more crocs and they are fast swimming towards President Mugabe’s homestead after being let loose following the invasions which saw white farmers being kicked out.

Meanwhile Grace Mugabe cousin, the former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor, Gideon Gono said Mugabe was in good spirits when he last saw him on Friday morning before the inauguration of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Below are the nephew Leo Mugabe’s full comments:

“He is fine. I have been to see him; he is quite jovial. He is actually looking forward to his new life, farming and staying at the rural home. He has taken it well.”

Leo also praised his aunt, Grace Mugabe saying, “I like the spirit she has … she is with him all the time. She is an amazing person. She wants to continue planning the Robert Mugabe University so they have something to do”

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