Vote back my corrupt ministers

so that I can fire them when I win elections - Seriously Comrade President

Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised to crackdown on corruption in Zimbabwe

Dear Editor,

President Mnangagwa reportedly told Zimbabweans based in Qatar on Tuesday night that the anti-corruption drive of his political administration would likely claim the scalps of Cabinet ministers. “I have no doubt that soon after elections that are coming in July, many heads will roll, not among you.”, Comrade President was quoted by Kuda Bwititi from Qatar where he/she was covering President Mnangagwa’s trip to that country.

Soon after assuming office, President Mnangagwa promised to practice zero tolerance on corruption. Interestingly, his statement addressing Zimbabweans in Qatar proves beyond all doubt that he knows there are some corrupt ministers in his cabinet, but because he knows they are campaigning so hard for him to win the Presidential elections, he will allow them to continue doing their corrupt activities, and then after the elections, fire them. Who is President Mnangagwa trying to mislead here – cabinet is dissolved before the elections, so what he is simply saying is that he wants those corrupt cabinet ministers to help themselves to the remaining resources and go away with it scot-free as a thank you token for helping him to dethrone Mugabe with the aim of the military and the generality of the people of Zimbabwe who participated in the army and Mnangagwa plot to remove Mugabe.

Why wait for after elections? Why not fire them now? How do you know that you will be the next elected President of Zimbabwe? Why do you under rate the opposition?

Zimbabweans have been fooled enough, and should know how to respond to such lies. Mnangagwa must have just been prompted to tell what he told the Zimbabweans in Qatar because he has had opposition leaders saying they will do the same, and being a self-confessed master of copying others’ ideas, he just copied and pasted without giving thought to how people will react to his shielding of known criminals in his cabinet.

Mnangagwa must just go. He has proved in the very short period he has been President that he is not the ideal candidate for Zimbabwean President. Zanu PF are advised to re-think their presidential candidate if they do not want their party to die, because with Mnangagwa as candidate, Zanu PF will lose heavily in this election. Whoever wins the elections needs a strong opposition, and Zanu PF has the potential to become the biggest opposition party if the well reasoned members within the party can be real and tell Mnangagwa in the face to step down as candidate.

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