Six file presidential nomination papers

Six file presidential nomination papers

Harare -Three men and three women politicians have so far filed their nomination papers for the presidential elections due to be held next month.

A new and cheap transport system

A new and cheap transport system

A new option for transporting South Africa’s disadvantaged commuters who might pay up to 60% of their salaries commuting to work is fast becoming a reality with the introduction of the RailPro RailBus which was launched in Johannesburg today.

Response to article “the demise of the largest and oldest baobab trees”

Response to article “the demise of the largest and oldest baobab trees”

In a paper published in the journal Nature Plants in June 20181 , a causal link was made between the death of several very old baobab trees in southern Africa and climate change.

Prophets and politicians responsible for Zimbabwe’s suffering

Prophets and politicians responsible for Zimbabwe’s suffering

It is now 02:04 hrs, and have been sleeplessly lying in bed since 01:00 hrs, wondering why I was so insomniac, when I felt compelled to read Jeremiah 23 from the Holy Bible.

Letters 21-09-2006

Objection to sale of Makwavarara house
SIR - I hereby lodge my objection to the sale of the property at 19 Nigel's Lane, Highlands to the...

Letter from America

But there is a broader issue that focuses on the long-term implications of the US policy...

Letter from Home

A whole generation gone


Dear Family and Friends,

It was with a...

Word for Today

“Have mercy on me oh God. I will take refuge...

A growing roll of honour

We, together with the rest of the democratic world, are appalled by the sheer brutality of...

Innovative and magical Shakespeare

HARARE - Over The Edge once again turn their extraordinary creative talents to Shakespeare, bringing us...

Forgotten Lowveld

For the past few weeks we have concentrated the articles on areas around Zimbabwe which we...

Mass protests to go ahead

HARARE - The ruthless clampdown by Mugabe's state-sponsored thugs in police uniform on last week's ZCTU...

Bread price soars

HARARE - The price of bread has increased dramatically in Zimbabwe, worsening hardships for the poorest...

Zim on full alert against TB

HARARE - The Zimbabwean government will take adequate measures to prevent any spread of the suspected...

No Western Food Aid

HARARE - A cabinet minister in President Mugabe's government has stunned the donor community by claiming...

Water crisis hits Harare

HARARE - A serious water crisis has hit Harare with most suburbs in the city going...

Zims tackle SA crime

JOHANNESBURG - Concerned Zimbabweans here have drafted a 25- page document on a strategic plan to...



Beast’s milestone overshadows second Test

Double Round Chess fixtures this Weekend

Another Zimbabwe cricket official charged with breaching ICC Anti-Corruption Code