Inside Zimbabwe’s fight to curb pangolin poaching

Inside Zimbabwe’s fight to curb pangolin poaching

The animal is considered sacred in certain regions of the country, and that belief is being used to prevent locals from killing the endangered creature for profit.

Two Zimbabwean regions under quarantine after foot-and-mouth outbreak

Two Zimbabwean regions under quarantine after foot-and-mouth outbreak

Harare — Zimbabwe’s veterinary department has placed two districts under quarantine and stopped the movement of all cattle in or out after foot-and-mouth disease was detected in the southern Rutenga region and the Midlands areas of Kwekwe and Redcliff.

Zimbabwe mining: Platinum has promise and lithium looms large

Zimbabwe mining: Platinum has promise and lithium looms large

President Emmerson Mnangagwa desperately wants to show that he can turn the economy around and is looking for quick wins from the mining sector, which had been spooked by his predecessor’s indigenisation plans. Mnangagwa does not want to completely liberalise the sector, and the government still insists on majority local ownership for platinum and diamond mining projects. A new mining bill now making its way through parliament proposes to force mining companies to list on the local stock exchange, though foreign minister Sibusiso Moyo told an audience at Chatham House in London on 25 April that the clause would be taken out.  

Dreaming Mark 3

Dreaming Mark 3

My first call on my bucket list for Zimbabwe was fiscal stability and discipline, the second was monetary stability and predictability. This week on Monday the informal rate of exchange for the RTGS dollar was 1.90 to 1. That is an effective devaluation of 12 per cent in a week. Two to one looks as if it’s just around the corner. Inflation will follow – that is why these fundamental macro-economic issues are so important to everyone. In fact, I will be blunt – unless you get these right, nothing else works.

MDC Aliance Petition on Urgent Electoral demands

MDC Aliance Petition on Urgent Electoral demands

We, the MDC alliance as the largest representative of the working people of Zimbabwe note the following:

SA’s cost of immigration control doubles

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's Department of Home Affairs says it is battling to contain a tide of Zimbabwean immigrants pouring across the border fleeing their home...

Prayer vigil in Jozi

JOHANNESBURG - Asylum seekers, civic groups, human rights activists and churches will converge on the Zimbabwe...

Ndebele speakers form new party

JOHANNESBURG -Ndebele-speakers here have formed a new political party, Matebeleland Freedom Party. Kain Ngwenya, interim president,...

Watchdog delivers mixed judgement on online agencies

By a Correspondent
HARARE - Widening its scope, Zimbabwe's media watchdog has taken stock of some of...

President’s prayers meaningless without justice

HARARE - Certain churchmen were impressed with a president praying publicly for the country. The God...

Torture cases rise sharply – Rights Forum

By a Correspondent
HARARE - Torture cases rose sharply in May to 84, and there were...

Jamming of independent radio stations continues

LONDON - The Zimbabwe regime appears to have some success in continuing to jam the medium...

Letter from Home 27-07-06

Knock off the noughts - here comes the Kilodollar
Dear Family and Friends,
Zimbabwe's banks are...

Zimbabwe’s expensive democracy

EDITOR - MDC is dismayed and extremely shocked by the government's continued manipulation of the electoral...

Tsvangirai should resign

EDITOR - It is with much pain and despair that I write this letter. I'm so...

Why does Daily Sun demonise us?

EDITOR - I am one of the regular reader of your newspaper and I enjoy it...

We are there for Chari

EDITOR - May I respond to Learnmore Chikondi's letter entitled Chari an inspiration. The Students...

Open letter to Prof Mutambara

SIR - I am writing to you tonight following your recent meeting at Hornung Park. I...



Kenya down Uganda in RWC qualifer, Div’s Zimbabwe lose

Rough sleeping, unpaid wages. Rugby World Cup qualifier descends into an ‘absolute shambles’

Tunisia Rugby accepts responsibility for Zim accommodation mess

Marumbini Daniel Wins HCA Afristeel UNDER 14