Committee fails to account for Z$70 billion

HARARE - A committee set up to help raise funds for the national s

occer team’s participation at the African Nations Cup tournament in Egypt has failed to present audited accounts of the Z$70 billion that was raised for the Warriors.

The presentation was scheduled for a Harare hotel last week but had to be abandoned after the committee, comprising Zanu (PF) officials and supporters, failed to show up.

The committee was mandated by vice president Joseph Msika to raise money for the Warriors campaign in Egypt. ZimOnline however gathers that there is a serious rift among members of the committee over the presentation of the financial reports.

A source close to a senior member of the fund-raising committee told ZimOnline that some members might have blocked the presentation of the results because they were linked to the abuse of funds.

“The report not only implicates members of the Zimbabwe Football Association but also some officials from the fund raising committee. The presentation will be delayed because of the bickering.

“Some members of the fund raising committee benefited from the fund more than the Warriors. The audit will bring to the fore some wayward spending by certain members of the fund raising committee because it turns out that they unjustifiably used billions of dollars.

“The group which is advocating for the presentation of the report has resolved to approach Msika for assistance. It has now become a political game,” said the source.

An undisclosed number from the fund raising committee travelled to Egypt for the Nations Cup, although their brief was only to raise money in Zimbabwe and hand it over to the Warriors through Zifa. – ZimOnline

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