Lawyer speaks out on rot in cricket


HARARE – One of the country’s leading defence lawyers, Beatrice Mtetwa says it’s clear the interim committee running Zimbabwe Cricket has adopted a divide and rule tactic to get at players opposed to the top management. Mtetwa believes the fault lies entirely with the Sports and Recreation Committee for letting individuals destroy the sport.

“I cannot understand how you can put back into the interim committee, the very people that the players were complaining against. You say they must sort things out, when its quite clear they had failed to sort things out before,” said Mtetwa, adding that those who have refused to be divided are now getting a backlash from Zimbabwe Cricket.

“What Zimbabwe Cricket is doing is sending out a clear message that we are in control here, you do what we want or you will get no contract,” she said.

Speaking in the aftermath of an attempt by ZC to take back a vehicle from former vice-captain Dion Ebrahim, Mtetwa said two police officers had forced their way into her client’s home demanding that he surrender the vehicle.

“This was a clear case of powerful figures at ZC abusing the police. The police cannot involve themselves in a contractual dispute between two parties. I said to the police if they want Dion to surrender the car to them, the ZC should, in retrospect, surrender all that they owe to him to the police, which is only fair,” she said.

Dion Ebrahim is one of several former players owed huge amounts of cash by ZC. Part of that amount is from their two home test matches against India and New Zealand. Since their fallout with ZC, several players have not been offered new contracts and are now being forced to return ZC sponsored vehicles.

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