‘Play for Zimbabwe’ this September

YOUNG Zimbabweans around the world will participate in an event called Play for Zimbabwe in September.
The organisers said they hoped the event would fill the void left by the cancelled Australian cricket tour.
On Saturday, 1 September, events will be held in numerous international locati

ons, across Australia, South Africa, the United States, Europe and, of course, Zimbabwe.
The events – cricket matches that can be played in backyards or at the nearest local pitch – are being organised and promoted via the online networks Facebook, Hi5 and MySpace.
A documentary will also be produced using photographs and video footage from all the venues.
“For a day, the Zimbabwean diaspora will unite in show of compassion for the strengths of our people. They will celebrate the hope, humour and resilience of Zimbabwean people, focusing on the value that can still be found when you look beyond the nation’s woes.
Play for Zimbabwe allows Zimbabweans to demonstrate without protesting,” said the organisers.
“We looked for a way to make a statement on a global scale, and came up with a concept that allows any Zimbabwean anywhere to take part” said Lucy Jarvis, the co-ordinator in Perth, Australia.
More information can be found at www.play4zimbabwe.blogspot.com

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