Go Warriors Go!
Hats off to the Warriors, at least we have something to be proud of: Go Warriors Go and conquer Africa . Vote Mr Valinhos for president - Harry, Cape Town.

My sixth sense says we will be in South Africa come 2010 – Collins Mungoriwo.

Zifa must give the new coach enough support and make us all united with soccer. Well done to the Warriors, we are now topping group 2 – Makusha, South Africa.

What a splendid performance by the U/17, for many years we were playing second fiddle to S.A but now we have managed to turn the tables -Alexious Makamba, South Africa.

Tips for Valinhos

Why does Peter Ndlovu play for 90 minutes for Sundowners but here the national coach says he is old? We need him – Chaputika, Bulawayo.

The Warriors coach is not making the nation smile. We need maximum points kwete zvemadraw because there won’t be a run-off. If we fail to collect all nine points we won’t qualify for AFCON in Angola – Aaron, Harare.

We have been good at junior level for the past year, but there are no juniors coming through. When are we going to see Daniel Million, August Mbara etc? – Dembare for life.

We want change in the Warriors team. Why is Benjy playing as a gunman? He is a good winger. Open your eyes Valinhos – Stingo, Haig Park .

Benjani Mwaruwari – Can you please provide Valinhos with a car? – Welly Ching

Dynamos at heart

De-mbare ndinoda kuitengera chidhori because yarocka. Guys don’t be hard done by the loss to Monos. My dream is to be a De-mbare sponsor – Mtawaz Lollo.

May we please welcome back the Old Foxes. The De-mbare old boys armed with their 1963 Constitution – Shaibu original.

Although you lost to Monos you have not disgraced us. I wish you the best in the next game. To Tsipa -  s**t happens, don’t lose heart – Dembare for life.

Kepe Kepe will make it

Kepe Kepe don’t count your loses comparing yourselves with us (Dynamos) because yours is just but a passing phase. You will pull through and come out stronger – T. Chawarika, Mutare.

Kepe Kepe bhora. Please Twine negotiate with Mapeza and Chitembwe to come back and bring joy at Caps camp -Marufu, Gweru.

Go Kepe Kepe go! We are bouncing back. Do not listen to yep yep from Chunga and the so called Vahombe. These guys are failures, good coaches like Mhlauri and Mandigora are quiet -Wise Budas.

Monos proved a force to reckon with?

Mapeza’s comment that they deserved to win against De-mbare is far from the truth. Statistics show that De-mbare had more possession, more shots on target, hit the bar four times, and we had a penalty saved. Luck carried the day for Monos and the better team lost – Dembare for life.

To all De-mbare fans – Ngatisarase mbereko nekufirwa. I would want to salute Monos. Keep on playing like that vafana muitewo sevakuru venyu, Dynamos – Rodman.

Monos yauya kuipa, I’m a Caps United supporter who takes delight in watching other local teams beating De-mbare and Bosso -Dhokota, Harare.

Hail Monomotapa. Keep watching the Monos side of soccer. We have beaten the big three of Zim soccer. Now we head for the top sport -Sam weMonos.

To the Zimbabwean Sports desk

Bravo to the ‘From the terraces column.’ I think more local and international sports will give more value to the paper. For De-mbare lets build a team that will last for many seasons – J.P, Harare.

Thanks for this informative column. Can you please make it a supplement of soccer news covering all aspects of our national and international soccer? We are really starved of our soccer news – Harry, Cape Town.

May you please update us with all CBZ PSL results every Thursday – Regis H, Masvingo.

Teams to respect rules and coaches

Highlanders is well established and is not expected to dilly dally in the pitch or take supporters’ support for a ride – T. Zanyachwa-Harare.

Teams should be taught that coaches are human beings, they deserve respect like anyone else – Baba TeeJay, Kuvhitori.

Of stars and golden boots

Dennis Dembare should refrain from judging who will coach and who will be the soccer star of the year – Womberai, Glen Norah.

Bosso – it does not mean the end. Keep on the good work that Malajila is doing for us. More goals Cuthbert, the golden boot is yours again – McDonald, Harare.

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