Zimbabwean government must account for anti-Cholera resources

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) is dismayed by the failure of the Zimbabwean de facto government and its parastatals` to account for the funds which were designated for the control of cholera and provision of clean water to the residents of Harare.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe allocated large sums of money (R18
million) and vehicles to ZINWA, towards the production and supply of
water and sewer reticulation in the city, some three weeks ago, but up
to date nothing substantial has been seen on the ground; the cholera
infested areas are still without water, raw sewage is still abundantly
flowing through the residential areas and homes while burst sewer is
still largely unattended and the cholera scourge is on the rise.

The government declared Cholera, a national emergency on Wednesday 03
December 2008, a decision which had been long overdue; they did so as a
capitulation gesture and to open up for help from donor agencies and
the international community. The beleaguered de facto government which
also has a recent record of misappropriating funds designated for
fighting HIV/AIDS, has soiled hands and must show clean hands before it
takes more  resources meant to fight Cholera or for any other program.
The government' has shown its caliber to the whole world and no-one
can remain guessing anymore; the Zimbabwean disaster is not a natural
one but that of insensitive and irresponsible governance.


Zimbabweans affected and infected with cholera are direly in need of
international help as there is no internal capacity to deal with the
current Cholera scourge which requires a functional health delivery
system, adequate and clean water supply, a generally healthy
environment. On a long term basis, Zimbabweans need a sustainable water
and sewer management framework to avoid a disaster of the current
cholera outbreak's kind. Be that as it may; Zimbabwe desperately need a
transparent, accountable, honest and sensitive leadership.


Meanwhile, the cholera scourge is unrelenting as it continues to claim
more lives in Harare, across the country and rapidly sprawling beyond
the Zimbabwean boarders. While there are reports that the UN Aid
Agencies have stepped up efforts to fight cholera in Zimbabwe; CHRA
still fears that the aid directed towards  fighting Cholera might be
usurped by the authorities and find way to bankrolling some of the
dishonest and insensitive de facto government's populist projects.

CHRA demands transparent, accountable and responsible leadership; Harare residents and Zimbabweans deserve better.

Let's Stop Cholera. Stop irresponsible leadership now!

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