Cholera in Zimbabwe – updated figures for 25 January 2009


This graph  based on data circulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), shows cholera cases and deaths up until 25 January 2009. The increases in both are climbing daily.

For example, on the 23 January, 1368 new cases were added and 59 deaths were recorded. A day later, on the 24th, a further 1906 cases of cholera were added along with 21 more deaths. On the 25th, 655 new cases were added with an additional 26 deaths. Far from improving, the cholera crisis is still spreading and growing.

On the 25th, a cumulative 53,306 cases of cholera in Zimbabwe had been recorded, resulting in 2872 deaths.

Most alarming, this graph and the data it reflects, is likely to underestimate the real scale of the crisis in that it will not include those people who died before they were able to access medical care. –

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