The residents in Highfield conducted a clean up campaign yesterday

residents_cleaning_2.jpgHighfield clean-up campaign: Residents in action
The residents in Highfield, in conjunction with the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) conducted a clean up campaign yesterday (the 12th of February) at Lusaka Social c

Highfield is one of the Harare suburbs that have been adversely
affected by the emergence of numerous informal dumping sites, a
situation that has exposed the health of residents to cholera outbreaks
that have been worsened by the onset of the rainy season. The waste
management system in Harare deteriorated after the Makwavarara-led
Commission failed to collect refuse from Harare's suburbs during its
term of office. The situation has not improved even after the newly
elected Council assumed office late last year. However, residents are
cognizant of the fact that the Council has a mammoth task to undo the
damage that was done by the Commission and restore quality municipal
service delivery in Harare, a task that is not an overnight job.
Residents have, however, seen it fit to spearhead the restoration
process through community-based popular action campaigns.

More than 50 residents participated in the campaign. Mr. Charles Beni,
the CHRA Secretary who is also the Coordinator for Highfield Ward 24,
said that the residents have also started community gardening where
they grow different types of herbs for use by the community. The refuse
that was removed from the Lusaka Social Centre where the clean-up
campaign was carried out, was deposited in the composts that have been
built for the purposes of community gardening. Mr Beni said that it is
important for residents to explore ways of developing their communities
and act responsibly to tackle the service delivery challenges that are
being faced in their areas.

Residents received help from the Highfield Ward 24 Councilor who
provided them with one wheelbarrow, brooms, rakes, hoes and shovels.
CHRA provided a pick-up truck and some wheelbarrows.

The clean-up campaign is one of a series of other campaigns of the same
nature which are lined up for Machembere Community Centre in Old
Highfield, Zororo Centre and C J Hall in the same suburb.

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