Daily cholera update and alerts, 09 Mar 2009

cholera_treatment.jpg* Please note that daily information collection is a challenge due to communication and staff constraints. On-going data cleaning may result in an increase or decrease in the numbers. Any change will then be explained.

** Daily information on new deaths should not imply that these deaths
occurred in cases reported that day. Therefore daily CFRs >100% may
occasionally result

A. Highlights of the day:

– 387 cases and 33 deaths added today (in comparison 255 cases and 2 deaths


– 45.8 % of the districts affected have reported today (27 out of 59 affected districts)

– 90.3 % of districts reported to be affected (56 districts out of 62)

– Cumulative Institutional Case Fatality Rate 1.8.%

– Daily Institutional Case Fatality Rate 6.6 %

Government of Zimbabwe; World Health Organization (WHO)

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