Cholera resurfaces

cholera_victims.jpgCholera Victims
Mwenezi- Cholera cases are resurfacing in Mwenezi under Chief Maranda with reports that four people died in the period between Tuesday to Saturday, officials from Maranda clinic have revealed.

RadioVOP was informed that villagers were panicking following the
discovery that cholera was still killing people in their area. "Four
people died of cholera last week. There are a number of cholera cases
that are resurfacing in Mwenezi. We suspect that new cholera cases are
caused by unclean water which is being used by many villagers.

"Organisations which were helping people with water purification
chemicals must continue especially in rural areas where people usually
rely on river water for consumption," said an official at Maranda

However, the Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Dr Robert Mudyiradima
said at the weekend that the reports reaching his office only revealed
that some people were still suffering from cholera in Mwenezi. He said
he was not aware that four people died of cholera this week but did not
deny the possibility.

"My office is still to be informed about the exact number of people if
any who died of cholera. I am not ruling out the possibility because
cholera is still a reality but we need to be accurate all the time," he

Masvingo is one of the provinces which suffered from cholera last year.
Bikita and Chivi were the worst affected districts with Mwenezi landing
on the third position out of the province’s seven districts.

Zimbabwe has been suffering from a cholera breakout since last August
due to shortages of water and sanitation facilities, shortages of drugs
and health workers. Cholera killed an estimated 3 000 people and
infected about 80 000 people. The World Health Organisation (WHO)
recently said the cholera cases had declined. – Radio VOP

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