Health employees return to work

henry_madzorera.jpg Dr Henry Madzorera, the Minister responsible for breathing life into Zimbabwe's health sector

We are taking over a collapsed system'
HARAE - About 95 per cent of employees in the public health sector have returned to work following the introduction of the

The resumption of duty by government health workers will go a long way
in resuscitating the country’s health sector, which had totally
collapsed due to mismanagement by the then Zanu (PF) government.

Madzorera said the resuscitation of Zimbabwe’s health care system was
one of the major challenges facing the country’s inclusive government
since its formation in February.

"It’s a work in progress. We are working with international partners to
first make sure that rural facilities have the personnel, drugs and
equipment and then move on to other issues, such as upgrading
facilities. We are taking over a collapsed system," said Madzorera.

He added that: "We now have the health sector support fund, which is
paying out allowances to health workers of $100 a month as a retention

Madzorera was appointed the Minister of Health in February when the
country was facing a devastating cholera outbreak, which had left 4 000
people dead and over 200 000 seeking treatment. The minister has, with
the help of other organisations such as the United Nations, managed to
contain the situation.

"This general strengthening of our health care centres is an integral
part of the war against cholera. From the Ministry of Health’s
perspective, we are doing fine on the curative side. Case fatality
rates have dropped to under one per cent and that’s acceptable

by global standards," he said.


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