Council seeks total control of city boreholes

boreholeBULAWAYO - The Bulawayo local authority has asked government for authority to take over the running of Nyamandlovu Aquifer boreholes from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA). The 77 boreholes Bulawayos only water stand-by facility during recurrent water shortages were sunk by donors at the height of the 1992 drought when the city faced a serious water

ZINWA owns the boreholes and sells water to the council to augment supplies in the city. However, lack of financial resource has seen ZINWA fail to maintain the boreholes, and only eight out of 77 are working.
If all were working, they could supply the city with about 26,000 cubic metres of water a day, about 17 per cent of Bulawayos daily water needs.

No pumping was received from the aquifer during the month of April 2009, being further evidence of the national water authoritys inability to maintain and operate the scheme, read the latest minutes of the Bulawayo City Council.
Bulawayo has had perennial water shortages since the 1990s, which the council blames on lack of government support. The last supply dam was built in 1976, but the council says it needs at least one more if supplies are to match the growing population.

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