Immunisation week kicks off

dr_henrymadzoreraI appeal to people to go in their large numbers and avoid unnecessary deaths and hospital bills
HARARE - The Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Welfare national immunisation week started this week to allow children between six and nine months to be immunised against measles and poliomyelitis. They will also get a vitami

The Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Henry Madzorera, said the exercise would be done at all clinics and health centres countrywide.

“We have launched this years immunisation week. It will be done in all health centres in the country and also there will be mobile clinics in other remote areas,” he said.

Madzorera called on all parents and guardians to take advantage of the free exercise and protect their children from diseases.

“Prevention is better than cure. I appeal to people to go in their large numbers and avoid unnecessary deaths and hospital bills,” he said.

The Minister said for the past 10 years, no deaths related to polio have been noted in the country, while measles cases were also dropping.

“We note that in other neighbouring countries, there has been polio outbreaks, therefore we need to make sure that our population is immunised. We want to ensure a polio free status and I believe if we all stand together we can win the struggle,” said Madzorera.

The minister urged people in remote rural areas to also move closer to clinics for the exercise.

“Even those in remote areas will be catered for and we urge them to also respond to the exercise so that they are not left out,” he said.

The national immunisation week is a yearly event that is done country wide to prevent child mortality and also encourage good health among children.

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