From the terraces

Dembare maoresa gwendo guno hazvikoni.Kepekepe bho chero mukanotambira kumaZimba kulumila chete dzingai Lodza-Vashe kuPitoli- Wycliff Chikumura.

The Ultimate DeMbare. Usadherere Glamour Boys. Admire, Harare.

Chuchu please teach the boys to hit effective free-kicks. Homiza, Chivi.

DeMbare in grand style. We have the Arsenal. Unstoppable, we are now in the motion, no halt until we take what belongs to us, the championship. Thumps up Chuchu and Tonde not forgetting the whole technical department. Vengy, Gweru.

Even if the Confused Adults Playing Soccer CAPS- beat Dynamos, they will not go on top of us on the log table this season. DeMbare for life. -10A14, Mbare.

The Glamour Boys are shining as real champs when KepeKepe continue to sink down. Wonder Stole our Lionel Messi show the magic. C.Macry.

DeMbare for life, Chuchu usakwatiswe nemadinga. Chats, Nyanga.

Its too early to label DeMbare champions. Yes we might want it like that but Chuchu and your men set your sights on African Championships. So continue laying strong and reliable Dynamos that will be able to conquer Africa. Manuel Chamina.

We appreciate the teamwork you are showing at DeMbare, what is left is for us supporters to show maturity as our team is displaying Man United way. Batanai George Taruvinga, Mberengwa.

I advice national team selectors to just take DeMbare and avoid themselves headache because they are just good enough. Nyamzihwa.

Dynamos are the 2009 champions, Gazza soccer star of the year, Malajila top goal scorer, Chuchu coach of the year. Gilbert Shekede, Durban.


Madinda is useless. Building a team must not be an excuse for failure. Junius Shava

Im true KepeKepe fan but I strongly feel the goalie must have protected Bosso goalie in their draw. Anonymous

Ola maDeMbare! Bosso munotanga nepapaz ndosaka makudyiwa. Baba Calvalio, Johannesburg.

Madinda whats happening to our Bossolona? What are we doing at that position? That is totally unacceptable, lets prove that we are the King of Zim football. Samas9, South Africa.

Tshiyanani loMadinda lifuna angene adlale yini? Instead contribute to pay those players and you will see wonders. Anonymous.

Caps United

Chitembwe use this break to revive your notes. Ashley and Rusike a no substitute material. You (Chitembwe) cost us our win. Dreadauto, Bulawayo.

KepeKepe rehire Mhlauri to avoid suicide. Sinyoro, Chiredzi.

Im KepeKepe for life but I wont be shy to say DeMbare moto. Tikapusa inotora mukombe takayeva. Papa Lodza matinyudza. Maybe Mapeza will change us for the better because patimire pakaoma. Mai Tamia, Kadoma.

The hatred DeMbare supporters have on KepeKepe bhora is out of this world. Anyway we will outshine them come Week Two. Caps will win the league for Mr Goals. Go well Shacky, we will be happy to see another Caps legend. Maikoro.

If God hated Caps United, why did he make the color of vegetation green. Caps 2 Verse 15 says, blessed are those who are Caps United supporters. Admire Maringisanwa, Chitungwiza.

Caps United is too big for Chitembwe. We cant continue watching him destroy our beloved team. To Twine and Farai Jere, I say put our house in order and shame our critics. Liberty Mugodo.

Competition is very healthy. Lloyd Chitembwe haikona kuita funny nevanhu. Be serious because we want a strong opponent to beat this time, we dont want your supporters to take the blame on you. Dynamos for life. Nyamzihwa 15, Odzi.

I think for the past Three years, Caps United have been firing coaches. I think we must fire the players as well, because we have been fighting relegation with almost 75% of the players. Even to bring Ferguson or Mourinho with this quality of players, we will keep fighting relegation. I support Chitembwe, please fire the players. Webster.

Black Rhinos

Black Rhinos we support you please pull up your socks otherwise with this performance we will go back to Division One. Thomas Killer Zulu.

Highway F.C

Highway mungonyadzisa, nanhasi you still play Division One football? Pull up your socks. Show them the way. -Muziwafa, Ngoda City (Mutare).

FIFA Confederations Cup

USA gave Brazil a good scare of a lifetime. Can anyone imagine how Dunga looked before he equalized. Thumps up to USA especially Dempsey not forgetting the stylish Donovan. Julio, Norton.

South Africa you did Africa proud. You lost with honor and we believe you have the ability to improve for the 2010 World Cup, next year. Tariro Mandizvidza, Glen View.

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