Am I stressed?

african_depressedFeeling unusually anxious or stressed? Answer our simple questionnaire compiled by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to find out if you are likely to be suffering from severe stress or an anxiety disorder

Stress and anxiety are normal human feeling and can be useful, for example when we are expected to meet deadlines a healthy level of anxiety will spur us on to complete projects on time. Stress and anxiety become a problem when the feelings are strong enough to have a detrimental effect on your life or if they go on for too long. Eventually they can become an illness affecting your mental and physical health.

Anxiety disorders have symptoms in the mind and the body. If you answer yes to around half or more of the questions over each of the categories below, it may be an indicator that you are suffering from an anxiety illness.


1. Do you feel worried almost all of the time?

2. Do you feel tired or lacking in energy all of the time?

3. Do you have episodes of panic?

4. Are you unable to concentrate on a task for more than for as long as you used to be able to.

5. Do you feel unusually irritable, with tasks or people or get angry quickly?

6. Are you finding getting to sleep difficult or are you waking earlier than usual?


7. Do you ever experience a strong or rapid heartbeat? (sometimes known as palpitations)

8. Do you find yourself sweating excessively when you are not exercising?

9. Do you have regular or constant pain or tension in your muscles?

10. Do you find yourself breathing quickly or more heavily at times of anxiety?

11. Are you experiencing indigestion or diarrhoea?

If you’re worried you may be suffering from an anxiety illness visit your GP

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