Referees boycott matches over payments

refereeBULAWAYO Referees in Bulawayo have refused to officiate in matches involving two of the citys women soccer clubs that they say have failed to pay them for duties rendered in previous games.

Bulawayo Women’s Soccer League (BWSL) secretary general Trust Kwembeya told The Zimbabwean on Sunday that the referees vowed not to handle matches involving North Rovers and Mighty Queens unhappy about the two clubs failure to pay fees due to the match officials.

Kwembeya said because of the officials boycott the league had been forced to drop the two clubs from the fixtures list because it cannot get anyone to oversees games involving the clubs.

It is true that North Rovers and Mighty Queens have in their last two matches failed to pay referees their money, which has resulted in referees boycotting matches involving these two clubs, said Kwembeya, adding that the problems between referees and the two clubs were disrupting the smooth running of the league.

To be frank money is hard to get hold of these days but we are urging these clubs to try their level best and pay the referees because if they do not it disturbs the progress of the league, said Kwembeya

Officials at North Rovers and Mighty Queens were not available for comment on the matter.

But Kwembeya said the league had approached the two clubs concerning the issue and they had promised to pay what they owe referees. We have talked to the clubs and they have assured us they would pay every cent they owe to the referees.

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