Boxers finally take HIV tests

rocky_red_boxingHARARE Local boxers, who have been refusing to go for testing for HIV and Hepatitis B in order to get licences to take part in boxing tournaments, (Pictured: Boxing board will not licence fighters who have not taken HIV and Hepatitis B tests)

have finally taken the test after the Zimbabwe Boxing Control Board insisted it would not licence any fighter who has not been tested.

Zimbabwe Boxing Control Board (ZBCB) secretary Patrick Mukondiwa confirmed this week that the boxers who have been resisting the directive to go for the tests finally agreed to do so last month. “We have been having problems with this issue. Many people are afraid to go for these tests but the rules in boxing are very clear. All boxers have to go for both tests for them to take part in boxing tournaments,” said Mukondiwa.

He added that Herpatitis B was a dangerous disease in that it attacks the liver and there was a need for all boxers to go for those tests. Mukondiwa told The Zimbabwean on Tuesday said boxers who test positive for HIV will no longer be allowed to take part in fights as there is a risk of them infecting other boxers during bouts. The boxing administrator disclose names of who tested negative or positive but said the board has compiled a register of boxers test results.

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