Negative publicity upsets tumour-girl: mum

nomatter_mapungwanaThe mother of the 18-year old girl who underwent surgery in the UK to remove two tumours in her mouth has said the negative publicity surrounding the administration of her appeal fund is traumatising her daughter.

Newsreel last week spoke to Thandiwe Mapungwana, the mother of Taremeredzwa Nomatter Mapungwana, who said the squabbling and accusations of looting of funds were jeopardising her daughters chances of securing donations to fund a second, necessary operation that doctors say she requires.

Zimbabweans worldwide rallied together to support an appeal by the Girl Child Network, run by girl child rights activist Betty Makoni. Over 10,000 was raised, mainly in the United Kingdom, while close to US$20,000 was raised in Zimbabwe.

The money was to cover the costs of her operation and hospital stay. National airline Air Zimbabwe donated two return tickets for the family. But accusations that some of the money may have been misused have generated heated arguments between those involved in helping the girl.

Tares mother said her daughter was daily reading the negative stories on the internet and this was distressing her. She said every time she reads negative things on her computer she goes straight to bed.

Mapungwana also said she did not want to take sides in the squabbling but told our Behind the Headlines programme that it was not proper for people to make accusations without any evidence. She said if people had queries about how the money was used they could always ask for explanations.

Even Tares brother in Zimbabwe, Talent Mapungwana, was accused of stealing money from his sisters fund by some of the publications. Tares mother told us that she spoke to Talent last Wednesday and he said he was also distressed by the whole case.

She said the money raised in Zimbabwe was paid directly to the UK hospital that operated on Tare. This money was required as a deposit before they could facilitate her admission. The family are still waiting for doctors to tell them how much the second operation will cost.

According to Tares mother the Girl Child Network is still running their appeal and taking care of everything, including liaising with the hospital. All this negative talk and squabbling is going to affect progress in helping Tare, she said. Last Thursday Tare told us doctors needed to remove an over reactive gland in her throat which is causing the tumours. They also want to align her gums, replace lost teeth and clean up part of her front gums which are swollen.

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