Zuma must rein-in rogue Mugabe – DA

daJOHANNESBURG South Africas main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), this week called on the government to exert pressure on President Robert Mugabe to abide by the ruling of the SADC Tribunal.

For the third time last week the Tribunal, a legal body composed of three highly respected justices, ruled Zimbabwe to be in contempt of its earlier declaration that Harare should stop expropriating land belonging to commercial farmers.

The DA said this week that honouring the Tribunals rulings was a fundamental point of democratic adherence to the rule of law.

Zimbabwe stands in brazen contempt of SADC, of which it is a member state, said Wilmot James, the DAs Member of the SADC Parliamentary Forum.

The South African government ought to be doing everything in its power to convince DRC President Joseph Kabila, the incumbent head of SADC, to enforce the ruling.

Jacob Zuma and Kabila display a pitiful weakness of political leadership when it comes to anything requiring standing up for real principles. Mugabe did not even bother to send a respondent to the hearing last week.

The DA, which last year called on Zuma to enforce the Tribunals ruling on the Zimbabwean government while he was still the head of the SADC, accused the South African leader of having accomplished nothing in his tenure, as he allowed Mugabe to continue his defiance until handing over the reigns to Kabila.

We must also ask ourselves exactly what South Africas commitment to SADC is, if any, added James.

We hear a great deal from the Zuma administration about the need to foster close ties with our neighbours as we supposedly work towards achieving closer economic integration and a proliferation of common values. However, these commitments mean very little if the mechanism through which they are to be achieved, the SADC body, remains nothing more than an opportunity for grand but ultimately empty speeches and promises.

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