Photo Journalist Injured In Paratrooper Accident

helicopterHarare, - A female photo journalist was hurt and taken to hospital in an Air Force of Zimbabwe ambulance after a paratrooper accidentally landed on a group of journalists during displays by the military at the National Sports Stadium in Harare Tuesday.

The injured journalists name was not immediately established but was believed to be a Zimbabwean photojournalist based in South Africa.

The incident happened after Mugabe had finished his official address of Zimbabwes military during the annual defence forces day commemorations.

It is not the first incident in which soldiers have been caught on the negligent side of action.

In 2008, 14 civilians were injured during a mock battle drill by the army at the Marondera Agriculture Show.

The freak incident was described by the then Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi as a result of gross negligence by the soldiers.

Sekeramayi later told Parliament while responding to a question by an MDC MP during a question and answer session that the soldier who fired the ammunition was going to be brought before a court martial.

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