Lupane councillors reject Zanu (PF) bribe

bribe_cartoon.jpegLUPANE - With the help of Zanu (PF) Arthur Mutambaras MDC has been accused of trying to lure back the 16 councillors who resigned three months ago. The party is reported to have roped in the Lupane district administrator in its bid to prevent the 16 from joining the mainstream MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Recently Mutambaras Matabeleland North provincial administrator, Sikhululekile Moyo, and Ngezelwa Ncube, the partys losing candidate in Tsholotsho in 2008 summoned the councillors at a meeting held at the DAs offices and promised to give them money if they reversed their decision.

Moyo and Ncube called us for a meeting at the DAs offices and said we should revert back to the party because they had secured some funds for us. They said if we refused the DA would facilitate our dismissal from the council because we were elected on the partys ticket, said Khayeni Mpofu, the chairperson of the finance committee.

He said all the councillors spurned the offer, except ward 13 councillor, Stabile Moyo.

Its unfortunate that Moyo was tempted by the money. But some of us who were voted in by the people will never betray those who elected us because of the love of money. In any case, our decision to leave this party was influenced by the very same people who voted us into council and no one else can tell us to step down, said Mpofu.

He added that, at the meeting, the two party officials also instructed the councillors to work with the only five Zanu (PF) councillors in the council to pass a vote of no confidence in this Chairperson, Mganyulwa Ngwenya, who belongs to the MDC-T.

The partys attempts to lure back those who have resigned and stop mass resignations in Bulilima and Nkayi also received a knock when the affected councillors insisted that they were no longer interested in the party and thus not answerable to it any more.

When reached for comment the partys spokesperson, Edwin Mushoriwa said: This is a democratic country. We do not bar people from joining political parties of their choice. The culture of using money to buy political patronage is known to some political parties but certainly not our party.

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