KUZ to honour karatekas

samson_muripoHARARE -- Kyokushin Union of Zimbabwe will honour last years best achievers and outstanding karatekas at the inaugural Arosume Properties Merit Awards scheduled for Harare next Tuesday morning. (Pictured: Samson Muripo)

Arosume Properties Development chief executive officer Manson Mnaba, who said supporting sport was part of his firms social responsibility, said with adequate funding the countrys sportsmen and women have the talent to hold their own against the best in the world.

He cited the achievements of top kareteka Samson Muripo as evidence of what Zimbabwes sportsmen and women could achieve on the world stage.

No one really recognised Muripo before he won the World Championship title in Japan. He proved that with financial and moral support nothing is impossible. So what is needed is for us to encourage even the smallest of sports where there are talented athletes who are willing to compete and raise the nations flag high, said Mnaba.

We have an obligation as sponsors to motivate and encourage our athletes. We dont know how and why karatekas were overlooked at the national awards (ANSA) last year but we feel that it is our responsibility to appreciate and recognise the efforts of our fighters and keep their spirits up.

The Awards will recognise the success of nine karatekas listed as Best local karateka (seniors and juniors), best regional karateka (seniors and juniors), best international karateka (seniors), best technical karaketa, most improved karateka, most disciplined karateka and Zimbabwe Kyokushin karate Icon.

Black belt holders Kelly Mtisi, Austin Mucheni, Lovemore Nyamutswa, who won gold medals in different categories at the Ashihara World Cup held in Cape Town last year were nominated for the best award.

Muripo, who remains an idol in the Kyokushin style after his memorable Japan victory in 2009, was omitted for the international karateka award but is likely to be named the Zimbabwe Kyokushin karate Icon mantle.


Best Local karateka (seniors) -Liberty Musungo, Kelly F. Mtisi, Austin Mucheni. Best regional karateka (seniors) -Austin Mucheni, Malvery Muyambo, Lovemore Nyamutswa. Best International Karateka -Kelly F. Mtisi, Austin Mucheni, Lovemore M. Nyamutswa. Best Local karateka (juniors) – Sly Karidzamimba, Marshal Siyamatanda, Tendai Chaparadza. Best regional karateka (juniors) -Sly Karidzamimba, Tafadzwa Mushunje, Shelvin Mugoni. Most improved Karateka -Sly Karidzamimba, Lovemore Nyamutswa, and Austin Mucheni. Best technical karateka -Austin Mucheni, Lovemore M. Nyamutswa, Tendai Chaparadza. Most discipline Karateka -Malvery Muyambo, Lovemore Nyamutswa, and Kelly Mtisi.

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