Chigumbura wrestles with captaincy

elton_chigumburaThe Zimbabwe national cricket team captain, Elton Chigumbura, will need to use the next four months of his off-season break to reflect on his performance and decide whether he will be able to handle the pressure as the country makes a return to Test Cricket next August. Elton Chigum

Chigumbura, who has emerged a brilliant all-rounder in recent years, has lost form in the past year, leaving most cricket followers suspecting the 25-year-old to be buckling under pressure. His poor form at the recent International Cricket Council World Cup in India portrayed a good cricketer whose meteoric rise was slowly turning into an anti-climax stage due to pressure.

Despite Chigumbura vowing to stay on as captain last month, ZC convener of selectors Alistair Campbell and the national batting coach, Grant Flower, have suggested he leave the captaincy to someone else. I think its more important for him to probably get his own game back on track and just concentrate on his own basics batting, bowling and fielding- and maybe leave the captaincy to someone else. Because I think he is an extremely talented player but we are not seeing half of his ability at the moment, said Flower.

The Zimbabwean skippers highest score at the World Cup was an unbeaten 38 runs in the final match against Kenya which followed after another unbeaten 32 runs in the rain-affected match against Pakistan. His other two performances included six runs against Sri Lanka, five runs against Canada, 14 runs against Australia. His average at the global showdown was a disappointing 20 runs.

Campbell said the decision to relieve him of his duty and give him more time to focus on his game may not be initiated by ZC if Chigumbura does not make a decision to step down. Its no speculation that his performance has not been good since he was captain, but it is up to him to sit down and reflect on what he wants to do. He is one of the best players and as Zimbabwe Cricket we want to him to perform his best. He has not being doing that lately and it is up to him to decide whether it is because of the captaincy or not, said Campbell.

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