Junior rugby sides face the Barbarians

brighton_chivandireHARARE - The Zimbabwe Under 19 rugby team will play a warm-up match against the visiting Independent Schools team, the Barbarians, at St Johns College on Wednesday before their tour of Georgia for the 2011 Junior World Trophy next May. (Pictured: Head Coach, Brighton Chivandire, supervises the Young Sables going

The touring Barbarians, who will be fielding their Under-18 squad, are scheduled to play four matches against local schools junior sides including the Young Sables. The first match was at Prince Edward School as the visitors faced Harare Lions, yesterday. The Barbarians have been visiting the country since 1969. Their last visit was in 1994. They will play their second match against a Districts team at Lomagundi College on Tuesday before winding up their tour with a match against a schools development side, the Goshawks, at St Johns College, next Friday.

The Young Sables assistant coach, Godwin Murambiwa, who has been assessing the schoolboys together with head coach Brighton Chivandire at Prince Edward School last week, believes they will show their best this week. The guys are ready and confident, they have the right attitude to training and working with them has been fantastic, said Murambiwa.

The game will help the boys with a competitive platform for the international assignment. Its a good match for us as well to see the progress their making and see where there is need for improvement before the big competition.

Zimbabwe Under-19: I Muza, M. Kadirire, J Swallows, R. Surtees, J Zulu, M. Zengeya, M Lawson, K Makanza, T Tsomondo, H Mudariki, F. Jijita, C Van Rensberg, R Zee, D Coetzee, J Peiters, P Bryant, S Zeederburg, D Zimbudzana, M Muhambi, J Coles, M Nel, J Butchart

Goshawks Under-19: B Grainger, O Chadwick, T Simpson, K Merrington, U Kontchou, W Seremani, J Forrester, D Rorke, J Smallbones, A Wilkinson (St Johns College), L Sibanda, D Gibbons, R Sargeant (Falcon College), J Butchart (captain), T Zinyemba, R Surtees, J Hlahla (St Georges College), L Tambwera, E Nyakabaza, A Kamkwindo (Churchill), L Masisire, K Zhou (Prince Edward), T Chieza (Kyle College).

Harare Lions: M. Kadirire, R. Surtees, J. Smallbones, M. Lawson, D. Rorke, J. Bruce, T. Tsomondo, G. Zvandasara, D. Coetzee, L. Masasire, W. Seremani, T. Bere, P. Bryant (captain), T. Madovi, K. Zhou, T. Simpson, T. Ndaba, J. Butchart, M. Law, T. Musakanda, S. Ramsey, T. Mwanza.

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