A burden on my gran

Dear Gracey

I am a girl aged 21 and I was raised by my grandmother after my parents passed away in a car accident four years ago. I have a young brother who is 18. He is doing A Levels at a day school.

I am in my first year of my two year course at a local college and sometimes I just think of giving it all up and getting married to save my grandmother from the trouble of educating us.

She is really fighting, selling tomatoes and vegetables to raise money for our school fees. Sometimes when I’m alone I cry a lot thinking of how she could have been enjoying life through her educated late son, now she has to suffer for her grandchildren too. I feel so helpless and knowing that she is struggling because of us hurts me bad. That is why I think maybe if I get married I can save her from all her worries. Please help. – Rumbi

Dear Rumbi

I am sorry about your parents. But you need to know that it was never your fault that things turned out this way today. Your grandmother loves you so much; she is one of the brave women who know the importance of education and how it can be a big treasure to her grandchildren one day.

Every parent sacrifices a lot to see their children get the best education. Your grand mum knows she is the only person who can make those sacrifices for you since your parents are no more. You can honour her sacrifice and make her proud by doing well in your studies. If you persevere you can get a good job when you finish and make sure that you are there for her when she is older.

Jumping into marriage may relieve her from working for your fees – but jumping into marriage without an education is a big mistake on your part. What you want is not only to relieve your grandmother of her hassles, but also be able to take care of her later. You cannot do that when you are married and unemployed. You are better off in college. I urge you to finish your course and get a job one day. Then you will be able to help her take care of her and your brother. I wish you the best in this journey of your life. – Gracey

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