MDC-T to remove corrupt Chitungwiza councillors

The Movement for Democratic Change has declared that all the party's councillors who were implicated in a corruption scandal here in 2009 will be removed at the next election expected in 2012.

MDC-T provincial chairman for Chitungwiza, Alexio Musundire, told The Zimbabwean that investigations had confirmed that many councillors sponsored by the party had dabbled in corruption.

“We have cases of people who were push-cart operators before they became councillors but now have 10 cars each. Many others who were simple market traders are now in big business because of corruption. I will personally vet all our candidates for the next election to ensure that those who are corrupt do not contest.

If I can not get information about the candidates, I will pray to God that he shows me what's in their hearts because we can not have a situation where corrupt people are allowed to represent MDC,” the tough-talking Musundire said.

All Chitungwiza councillors, led by mayor Philemon Chipiyo were sacked by the MDC-T after it emerged that many had been clandestinely selling municipal land at rock-bottom prices and pocketing the proceeds.

However, Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo of the losing Zanu (PF) party defied the MDC-T and installed them belatedly last year. Chombo is reported to be one of the beneficiaries of the land scandal.

Musundire said the scam had damaged the image of the party. However, he said those councillors who were not involved in the scandal, including some whistle-blowers, would be spared. “We can not punish the innocent because of a few bad people,” he said.

Last year, the Permanent Secretary for Local Government, Killion Mpingo told this reporter at the low-key installation of Chipiyo's administration that the ministry had not removed the offending councillors because the MDC-T had not provided evidence of corruption.

However, the installation of Chipiyo as mayor was boycotted by local residents and all the country's MDC-T mayors.

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