Suicide shocks community

A 35-year-old man from Epworth committed suicide shortly after a visit to see his prematurely born triplets at Chitungwiza Hospital.

The lifeless body of Simbarashe Shambare, of Domboramwari in Epworth, was found hanging near the home of his in-laws.

“The sight of my dead son-in-law was shocking. Simbarashe had come to pay us a visit to see his three-month old triplets who were prematurely delivered at Chitungwiza General Hospital,” said the deceased’s father-in-law, Richard Muunganirwa.

“My daughter Doreen, Simbarashe’s wife, stayed with us because her husband was unemployed and unable to look after his three infant daughters. Since the triplets were delivered early, they had to stay in the incubator at the hospital under strict monitoring by the nurses and doctors.

“My wife is the one who gave Doreen food three times daily in order to enable her to breastfeed her babies. Meanwhile Simbarashe has been doing menial jobs to try and raise money to look after his babies and I am the one who footed all the hospital bills.”

Simbarashe is said to have snuck out of the bedroom around four o’clock in the morning. Doreen became suspicious when Simbarashe did not return after three hours.

Simbarashe was later discovered by Muunganirwa’s neighbour who alerted the police and the neighbourhood.

“I can’t believe Simba is no more. During the night he was telling me he was the happiest man on earth to be blessed with triplets and he told me of his plans to go to South Africa to work for our family,” said Doreen.

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