Clean Up Zimbabwe 2011

The theme for 2011 Clean Up the World Campaign, celebrated globally in September was ‘Our Place … Our Planet … Our Responsibility’. This theme serves to highlight how local action, taken by every individual or community creates a global impact. Environment Africa partnered with EMA, the Environmental Management Agency to coordinate clean up activities countrywide with the intention of spreading awareness on the role that everyone can play in ensuring a cleaner environ

RAZ, the Retail Association of Zimbabwe are the major sponsors of Clean Up Zimbabwe which this year, saw over 5000 participants countrywide.

Our key awareness campaigns were held at Highfield, a high density suburb in Harare and Dangamvura, a business retail area in Mutare. Both clean ups had participation from a wide stakeholder base which included the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources Management, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Health, ZRP, local Councils, private business and retail sectors as well as members of the surrounding communities and local schools.

The focal point for the Highfield clean up was the clearing of a major water drain that had accumulated waste over the past 5 years and the surrounding retail area. Addressing the more than 300 people, guest of honour, acting Mayor for the City of Harare, Councillor Mtizwa commended Environment Africa, EMA and RAZ for working together and for supporting local authority initiatives in trying to restore the city’s clean status.

In Mutare, the central business district and the back yards of the shopping centres were the target areas. Director of Housing, Mr Mapurisa emphasized the need for the community to pay their rates to the City Council which would help ensure that the council fulfills its mandate of ensuring a clean and habitable environment.

Community representatives, including local councilors pledged to continue working within their communities to maintain a litter free environment. EMA took the opportunity to highlight some of the legal frameworks that regulate the management of waste which include prohibitions on throwing litter out of the windows of moving vehicles, illegal dumping and the use of bins.

EMA also acknowledged the positive education awareness work being done by Environment Africa and participating partners for the benefit of sustainable utilization of the environment.

For more information on organizing a clean up in your area, visit our website and register with Clean Up Zimbabwe at

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