Work comes first

Dear Gracey

I am a 24-year-old college graduate who has been working for five months. My job has not given me a rest; it is so demanding that I have no social life. I am worried if ever I am going to get a man who will understand how I work because I have lost two boyfriends so far who said I did not care about them but my work. I understand their concern but I cannot leave my job for them. But my worry remains that will I get someone who will understand? – Tina

Dear Tina

I am happy you realize the importance of working on your future as a first priority above all else. You do not have to feel bad for choosing your work over a man. It is important that you get the necessary experience you need in your field.

You will certainly get a man who will understand you along the way. It will be difficult to win both at the moment; you need all your focus on your work and put aside anything that demands your limited attention. When the right time comes, you will not have to choose a man just because he is the one who appreciates your work and happens to be available. He will be the one who appreciates you and the one you appreciate and love.

Everyone who is as serious as you are about their career goes through such a phase. You get so busy the only time you are resting is when you are sleeping at night. Your hard work will pay off and there shall come a time you will be able to slow down and boast of what you have gained out of your hard work. – Gracey

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