Council fined $2 000 by EMA

The local authority here has been fined $2 000 by the Environment Management Authority, for leaving trenches exposed in residential areas.


“We have been fined for trenches left open by Base-Quip Company who we contracted to lay new sewer pipes around town. Residents reported to EMA that besides doing harm to the environment, the open trenches posed danger to both animals and residents. We were given up to this week to pay the fine. Failure to do so, as the Town Clerk, will lead to my arrest,” said Town Clerk Josiah Musuwo at Council Chambers on Friday.

According to EMA, the council left the trenches exposed at Rakodzi High School, Idawekwako Old People’s Home and along streets such as Chipinda, Dimba and Nungu in Dombotombo.

According to the Town Mayor, Farai Nyandoro, the council has since terminated the Base-Quip contract that was won through tender last year to replace the town’s dilapidated sewage system.

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