I can’t conceive

Dear Gracey

I have been married for two years now. I have not been able to conceive and it has got my husband’s relatives whispering. I am beginning to feel so much incomplete as a woman; I can’t stop wondering why I cannot get pregnant.

I am now always worried and crying each time I am alone and thinking. At one time I skipped my periods and rushed to buy a pregnancy test kit only to be disappointed that it was negative. Is there a way of solving my problem please, I need help. – Thandi

Dear Thandi

What evidence is there for you or your husband’s relatives to believe that you cannot conceive? Tell yourself you will and you shall. But if you believe on the negative you will be a stressed and unhappy woman for the rest of your life. Do not let other people’s gossips worry you; people will always talk – that is what you need to know.

If both you and your husband do not have any kids outside your marriage why then should fingers be pointed at you alone? Two years is not long enough for you to start stressing about it. It will take you longer to get pregnant if you stay stressed. Do not put yourself under pressure. You need to relax and enjoy your marriage and the pregnancy will come as a blessing to your marriage.

There are many couples I know who have taken more than five years without children. They have worried and stressed until they had come to a point of accepting that they were barren when they were not.

The fact they had stopped thinking about it and stressed helped them conceive when everyone had talked until they talked no more.

My point is; you need this time to enjoy your marriage and just know that you will have your children with God’s time. Be patient and stop caring about what people are saying and live your life. – Gracey

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