ZDDT encourages care for environment

BULAWAYO -Ward 12 Councillor, Thembeni Khoza, was recently awarded the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust Climate Change and Sustainable Development award for coming up with sustainable community projects in her ward.

Councillor, Thembeni Khoza.
Councillor, Thembeni Khoza.

Through both the technical and financial assistance of ZDDT, Khoza has established nutritional gardens in her ward, to assist marginalised groups such as orphans and the elderly. The trust has also initiated a tree-planting project to combat the effects of climate change.

ZDDT constantly monitors the community projects, aimed at empowering marginalised groups in society, including women, as well as building servant leadership values.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony held in Kadoma recently, Khoza said everyone in the ward had contributed something towards the achievement of the award.

Ward 10 Councillor, Prince Dube, thanked ZDDT for introducing the Servant Leadership concept in Bulawayo.

“It is of paramount importance for leaders to hold highly the views of the people they represent at the different levels of governance. Leaders of this age should embrace both the traditional leadership qualities and the dawning era of servant leadership that is driven by the people,” he said.

ZDDT’s community based projects have been applauded by the international community through feedback from the Trust’s website.

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