Clean-up volunteers tackle Avondale stream

Cleaning and Greening the Environment is about you! - This was the message for the recent clean-up around the Avondale Shopping Centre. Over 150 enthusiastic people from the surrounding community, shops and business owners participated. Environment Africa, in partnership with Miracle Missions and the City of Harare co-ordinated the Avondale Clean Up to engage more stakeholders to take pride in their surroundings. With gloves, brooms, rubbish bags and bins, everyone was ready to show by example h

Avondale clean up.
Avondale clean up.

The cleaning up of the Avondale stream was no easy task. Over the years there have been reports of flooding in nearby houses due to the poor flow of the stream, which is contaminated by frequent illegal dumping and overgrowth of grass and weeds.

The sight of all the dumped waste and litter was shocking. But it was tackled by the volunteers and by the end of the day the water was flowing freely again. The City of Harare has committed to maintain an ongoing clean up exercise of the stream.

Waste and recycling bins donated by Environment Africa and Miracle Missions have now been placed in strategic places in and around the area to encourage people to dispose of their waste in a responsible manner.

It is vital that sustainable solutions be created following clean-up campaigns. As citizens, we have to accept our responsibi-lity in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our own benefit.

We need to regain that spirit of shared responsibilities and play our roles in greening the economy and to remember the basic principles of waste management – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. –

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