Her husband is my lover

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am feeling bad about what I am doing. I am having an affair with my step-sister’s husband and this has been going on for six months now. We love each other so much and I just can’t stop worrying where all this is going. What can I do? – Worried Miss

Dear Worried Miss

I cannot tell what is going to happen in the end dear but I can certainly tell you that I’m greatly disappointed. I would guess will be a major heartbreak in your family – and this will be your fault.

Whether step-sister or blood-sister, you are related and you need to respect that. I feel sorry for her, she will not only be hurt that her husband has been cheating but also that the mistress was her own sister.

You obviously know what you are doing is wrong so why continue following your heart when it’s dragging you in such a mess? Sometimes our minds need to stop our hearts and be reasonable. As much as I encourage people to do what makes them happy, it is just morally wrong to do so at the expense of the people we love most.

Fine, you may not care or love your sister that much but your conscience alone, which I assume you still have, should remind you that what you are doing is wrong each time you are intimate to this unfaithful man.

You don’t need to hurt your sister by confessing; you can at least stop this affair as soon as possible and beg your lover to be committed to his family. Look for your own man, get married, start your own family and you will have a life. This is just not healthy! – Aunty Lisa

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