His uncle is after me

Dear Aunty

I am a lady aged 29 and my boyfriend is 25. We love each other so much; he does not mind our age difference. My biggest problem is that his uncle is after me, he thinks his nephew does not deserve me and my relationship with him “was meant to drive me to him (the uncle).”

I told my boyfriend about it and he laughed, he believes it is one of his uncle’s jokes. His uncle is dead serious from how I see it, the way he looks at me and tries to sit close to me when his nephew is not around is just uncomfortable. I don’t know what to do. – Miss Pee

Dear Miss Pee

You are in a difficult situation dear. I admire that you managed to sit down with your man and tell him about his uncle’s moves. The problem is he now thinks his uncle is bluffing. With the way you say his uncle is behaving in your boyfriend’s absence he is capable of doing anything next time you are alone. What you can do is avoid being alone with him. Avoid talking about your relationship. You need to be clear with him that you do not like his “jokes” and you are not interested in him – but only his nephew.

Sometimes as women our smiles and kindness is mistaken for interest. It is not easy to brush someone off just like that. You certainly don’t need to do it in a rude way but this uncle needs to know that you respect him as your man’s uncle and you wish the relationship to remain so. – Aunty Lisa

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