Should I do it the Mujuru way?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I remember our Vice president Joyce Mujuru speaking from the bottom of her heart about how abusive and unfaithful her late husband was. She talked of how she stood by her marriage in face of his husband’s infidelity. I am stressed with my own marriage and I don’t know if I should do the Mai Mujuru way and hope all will be well in the end.

My husband is seeing some women; I don’t know how many but they are more than just two. I have seen text messages on his phone that confirmed it. It is not just in my mind, one day I saw a stinking g-string at the back of his car the morning after he came home drunk the previous night smelling of ladies perfume with lipstick stains on his shirt. I have two kids with him and we are not on any family planning method because we were planning for our third. But two days ago I saw condoms in his wallet, which were no longer there today. I am really scared of watching my marriage fall apart. Please I need your advice. – Mai Two

Dear Mai Two

You are right to be scared, but what you should be scared of is being infected with HIV/AIDS at the rate it seems your husband is cheating you. Put your marriage in the one hand and your health and life on the other, which one is worth saving? If you ask me, I say there is no marriage that is worth dying for when faced with a grossly cheating husband or wife. Save your life for the sake of your kids.

Yes I remember the Vice President speech. That was quite emotional and I feel for her for the difficult times she went through. I also do admire her courage in standing up for her marriage. But I firmly believe that is no longer practical these days. With HIV/AIDS out there I cannot just imagine tolerating a man who is seeing other women.

So, dear you have the right to make your decision in the end. But my advice to you is to consider the risk you face of being infected with the deadly disease. Sit down and talk to your husband to stop what he is doing.

Let him know you are aware of his movements and suggest that you both go and get tested for HIV. If you are to stay in the relationship with him you need to know both your status and his so you can take the necessary measures. – Aunty Lisa

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