Skin colour a problem?

Dear Aunty

I am 35 and having thoughts of settling down. My girlfriend of six months is an albino. I have accepted her and loved her for who she is inside. I don’t mind the colour of her skin. My friends tease me saying it is an act of desperation since everyone had been putting pressure on me to get married. It is not my friends I am worried about though because nothing they say will make my love for her fade away.

I was thinking of introducing her to my family and I just don’t know how they are going to take it and how I should do it. Should I tell them of her albinism first before she comes? I am truly in love but I will be greatly disappointed if my family do not accept her. – Finally in love

Dear Finally in Love

I think it would be advisable to tell your parents in advance that you are dating her. I say so because they need time to accept the reality of things. They need to accept that their son is grown up to choose who he wants to marry. Telling them before the visit saves them from any initial shock when they see your beloved. Prejudice of many different kinds is common human reaction, but throughout the ages true love has overcome it and I am sure if you explain to your family the depth of your feelings for this woman and the fact that she makes you happy, they will be happy that you have found the right woman after all these years. For as long as you love each other I am sure nothing can stop you from settling for the happiest marriage. – Aunty Lisa

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