Teacher pursuing me

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 17-year-old Lower Six student. I am secretly going out with my Geography teacher; he is so nice to me. He gives me special attention and free extra help. The problem now is that he wants to have a sexual relationship with me. I am not yet ready for that and he keeps pushing. I am afraid he will start hating me. What should I do? – Fifi

Dear Fifi

It was wrong for you to start a relationship with your teacher at the beginning. You sound as if you are in the relationship to benefit some free extra lessons and a few favours from your teacher. I don’t sense any love in this. You needed your teacher as a teacher – not as a friend or a lover.

That is the mistake you have already made and it is time to fix it and learn from it. If you are not careful, you will get yourself into a sexual relationship you do not want just to please your mentor. That will be mistake number two and I don’t want you getting there. Be honest with yourself and your teacher and stand by what you believe in.

Tell your teacher the truth that you are not yet ready for it and make sure he will not expect anything more from you. You are only going out with him so that you get special attention in class. Admit it to yourself and if love has nothing to do with that relationship be honest with him. Tell him you need time to focus on your studies. If there really is love you can decide on whether to pick up from where you left once you finish school. – Aunty Lisa

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