Too young to marry

Dear Aunty

I am an 18-year-old Advanced Level student at a local school. I have been dating my boyfriend for five years now. We were both at the same school when we first dated. It has been two years after he left school and he is enjoying his parents’ inheritance. He wants to marry me soonest. What should I do? – Head gal

Dear Head gal

Marriage is a good thing, we congratulate people when they get married and start their own families. But you need to be ready for it, otherwise you will be miserable. Your education is crucial at this stage. I cannot advise you that getting married is good for you now. You need to finish your studies, develop a career and make sure that you have your future shaped before you start your own family.

The path your boyfriend took is not advisable. There is nothing wrong in inheriting your parents’ fortune but making sure that one is educated is always important. He needs to stand on his own feet in case he is stripped of those riches one day. – Aunty Lisa.

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