Am I pregnant?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 21-year-old woman and I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I am now so worried I may be pregnant. I am not yet ready to have a baby and I just skipped my periods. I seem to be gaining weight and sleeping a lot in the afternoon. Does this really mean I am pregnant? – Nomatter

Dear Nomatter

The chances of you getting pregnant are there – you need to get yourself a pregnancy test and make sure.It may be all up in your head and the environment and your body may be dancing to that. It is possible to skip your periods for a month or two withoutbeing pregnant. Your body’s hormones are reacting to what is up in your mind. You may even start having ‘morning sickness’ if you keep stressing.

You should be more worried about getting a sexually transmitted disease. You need to know if your health is safe. Visit a doctor and make sure you know your status. Next time you need to get tested together with your partner and make sure you both know where you stand, and take the necessary preventions to the spread of any diseases. Having a baby is a gift from God. Yes you may not be ready but you may turn out to be a good mother to that child. The issue now is no longer about you being not ready to have a baby but getting yourself ready if it happens that you are pregnant. You acted without thinking of the consequences and now you have to face the results making sure you don’t make another mistake along the way. – Aunty Lisa

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