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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a man aged 25 and I proposed marriage to my girlfriend of three months. She said yes but the problem now is that I am beginning to think that there are some things about her that I don’t know. I told my friends in her neighbourhood about my plans and they looked shocked telling me that I was not serious. They suggested that I make sure I know her history before I settle down with her. I am now confused, is there something I may not be aware of? – Cool Bless

Dear Cool Bless

I don’t know what your friends know about your girlfriend but it is important that you marry and settle down with someone you know very well. You need to know her background it is true, the bad and the good.

I doubt that in three months you have already dated enough to know everything about your lady. Love is all that matters yes, but you need to know her strengths and weaknesses. She will be your life partner and the mother of your children when you start a family. You need to know her enough to be sure of the next step you are taking.

Everyone has his or her secret in life but it is unhealthy to keep a secret from the man or woman one plans to marry. It can really destroy your marriage in future if you find out that the woman you married has secrets you cannot handle.

Give yourself time to know each other before getting married. Remember by getting married you vow that you will be together till death do you part. You do not want to commit yourself to someone you do not trust. Once trust is broken in a marriage the relationship will go on a bumpy ride all the way.

Your friends are right to ask you if you are sure, but you need to find out what they are trying to hint at and see if you can live with it. Good Luck! – Aunty Lisa

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