He’s so stingy

Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m a young woman aged 27. I have a problem with the man I am dating. He is so stingy, he does not want to give me any money. He really spoils me with everything I ask for but makes sure he never gives me hard cash. If I am to ask him for some money for a hair-do he always finds an excuse to accompany me to the salon and make sure he pays the money or he asks the hairdresser how much it costs. Now I’m worried how we will communicate in marriage if we settle down. – Tari

Dear Tari

He may just be the type of man who is so much into accounting for his money. But you should respect that he is there for your needs and not just expect him to work for you and attend to all your needs when you ask. You need to stand on your own feet and be the independent woman of today. In this day and age we are encouraging gender equality and women empowerment, so you should be doing something to take care of your needs without having to bank on someone else.

You need to respect your man, just as he must respect you. You may risk losing his respect if you don’t show any effort to work for yourself. If you plan to get married, it will be healthy for your relationship for you to contribute financially to your future plans.

You don’t want to end up looking as if you are in this relationship for money. Try to concentrate more on your love and not on his pocket and things will work out fine for you. You will also start seeing more of the good qualities in him which may currently be obscured by your hate for his “stinginess.” – Aunty Lisa

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