I took my sister’s husband

Dear Aunty

My sister and her husband are on a separation to be divorced. I am feeling so bad after having a one night stand with her ex-husband to be and I have just found out that I am pregnant. Its two months now and I have not yet told the man. I don’t know how to tell him and how he is going to react though he has indicated that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Sometimes I feel bad for doing this behind my sister’s back but if they are going to be divorced it should not be an issue right? I need to know what to do? – Lil Sis

Dear Lil Sis

I am disappointed by your actions. One thing you need to know and understand in all this is that being on separation does not mean divorce. A couple can go on separation as a way of sorting out their differences. It does not mean an obvious divorce. You say your sister’s husband told you that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He may have said the same thing to your sister when they met- but where are they now? Do not believe everything you are told.

You are pregnant and you need to tell the man responsible. The one night stand you talk about seems to be everything that happened between you and him. Don’t be surprised if he tells you it was a mistake. He was a man separated from his wife for some time, stressed and longing for intimacy with a woman. He may have used you to make your sister feel jealous, though he took it too far. Your sister deserves to know who is responsible for your pregnancy and pray that she does not fume at you.

You need to know how to act responsibly. You have contributed to making your sister’s marriage more complicated than it is already. But now you need to clean up this mess without making more mistakes. You need your sister’s moral support with the child you are carrying and the father needs to make sure he is responsible for the financial needs of the baby. – Aunty Lisa

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