Men are there to spoil us

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 24-year-old woman who is dating a 30-year-old man. I have been reading your column and I beg to differ where you replied another woman saying she needed to be independent and not rely on her boyfriend’s money. If my boyfriend cannot afford to pay for my hairdo, buy me clothes and take care of me, what then do I need him for? Men are there to spoil us financially Lisa. – Charlene

Dear Charlene

Sorry I still stand by what I said in that column. Women are not some sort of paralysed humans who cannot do anything without a man. Do not get me wrong, for women to live a happy life, they do need a man as a friend, a lover and a life partner – same as men do need women.

But to encourage women to be parasites who are only there to siphon men of their money all in the name of love is what I am speaking against. It is one thing when a man spoils his woman willingly and another when a woman complains or demands that her man buy her stuff just because they are in a relationship. This is what encourages some men to physically abuse women. It gives them power over women and makes them feel that they own them.

There is nothing wrong with being independent. Gone are the days when men only were the bread winners in families. These days we have educated women who are taking care of their families together with their husbands. Being spoiled by a man should come as the gentleman’s initiative not after a demand from his woman. Thank you. – Aunty Lisa

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